To practise or to practice: that is the question. How we should write this word is a bit of a dilemma, given that readers come from various parts of the world. For an American the spelling of ‘practice’ remains the same whether using it as a noun or a verb. For most non-American English speaking countries, it is correct to spell it practice when it is used as a noun, but practise (practised, practising) when using it as a verb. As New Zealanders we try to stick to this convention (and mostly we are consistent 🙂 ).

For the same reason, you will likely find us spelling ‘color’ colour, ‘realize’ realise, ‘dialog’ dialogue, ‘enroll’ enrol, ‘meter’ metre, and so on. Please don’t hold this practice against us!

Perhaps this would be a good place to list some other North American/British equivalents which particularly relate to music. We reserve the right to use either (pronounced ee-ther or I-ther) or both.

UK                                       USA

Stave/staff                           staff

Bar                                      measure

Bar line                               bar (or bar line)

Breve                                 double whole

Semibreve                          whole note

Minim                                 half note

Crotchet                             quarter note

Quaver                               eighth note

Semiquaver                        sixteenth note

Demisemiquaver                thirtysecond

(Whole) tone                       whole step

Semitone                            half step

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