Headstart Piano Online Course is Here!

The best start for your musical career

I am so excited to launch my Headstart Piano course! This course takes your child step by step right from the beginning through the fundamentals of learning the piano. The Headstart curriculum takes a holistic approach to music and covers: 

  • Note reading
  • Ear training
  • Hand-eye coordination
  • Left hand, right hand, hands playing together
  • Musicality (Dynamics)
  • Correct hand positions and posture
  • Performance etiquette

A beginner piano course for absolute beginners

Headstart Piano is a brand new curriculum I have developed with today’s children in mind.

It is founded on solid tried and tested methods for learning how to read music correctly, so as to become a lifelong skill. Along with this focused reading element, there are pieces specifically written to develop playing by ear and creating new music.

The pieces for learning how to read music are mostly original and use practice skills that help pupils actually read them, not just learn by memory. This course has been used to teach children in regular teaching sessions (not online) for the last three years and the response from parents has been fabulous.



Submit Videos for Feedback

Video and submit your performance and get personalized feedback for you or your child.

Headstart Piano Course includes video performance reviews. Send me a video of a piece your child is learning, for me to give you personal feedback. 


Try a Sample Lesson for Free

I want you to know what you are getting with this course, so I invite you to try a free sample lesson to see if this course is right for you. Every lesson is different but each one adds to a well- rounded and structured way of learning the piano. I aim to empower each student to learn well and also to have a go themselves and not just simply copy what I do. 

Free Sample Lesson



What People are Saying

Here is a testimonial from Jenny, mom of one of my pupils who started out with Headstart Piano

“I have been thrilled at the way Delwyn has introduced my daughter to playing the piano. As a pianist myself, having learned following a more traditional method, I have been nothing but impressed at the way in which Delwyn has made learning so interesting, with an eclectic mix of pieces and exercises that are cleverly crafted to teach each new step. The pieces bring a real sense of achievement, as they sound very accomplished and are enjoyable to play. I am so pleased that my daughter is lucky enough to have Delwyn’s curriculum to introduce her to the world of music.”

Meet the Headstart Piano Characters

The main characters of the savanna bunch whom you’ll meet in the Rumble books and Headstart Piano:


The Eager Elephant

Rumble is keen to learn new things. He loves music and especially piano.


The Intelligent Meerkat

By far the smallest of the gang, Nelson is a meerkat who often provides the voice of wisdom.


The Zany Zebra

A snappy dresser, Barcode always looks the part. Favorite colors: the same as piano keys.


The Hilarious Hyena

A born comedian, Chuckles is a hyena always ready to laugh at his own jokes.


The Talented Stork

Thelonius both plays and teaches piano. He is full of knowledgeable insights from his extensive travels.


The Helpful Giraffe 

Highrise often lends her height advantage to benefit the others.


The Creative Warthog

A warthog who is quick to provide ideas, even though he doesn’t always know what he is talking about.


The Mischievous Monkey

Singe, the cheeky monkey, is a prankster who is behind many a practical joke. 

These are the core of the bunch, but you may also come across the odd lion, rhino, hippo, mouse, donkey and even human.

Frequently asked Questions

You may be wondering about:

  • whether an online course can work for piano lessons
  • whether the music will be interesting
  • whether it will work without the regularity of a piano lesson

For less than the average cost of a 10 week term of lessons you will be able to purchase a course (with over 60 teaching videos) which covers the value of (at the very least) 20 in person lessons with me. The age range of your child is a factor for how quickly they may progress through the course. With an online course, you should be able to move on without waiting for the weekly lesson, provided the suggested worksheets are covered. And, of course, you can get in touch with me via email any time with questions you may have.

Each lecture covers a page in Headstart Piano Book 1. Each ‘Pattern Piece’ is also in its own lecture. By the end of Headstart Piano Book 1 your child will know how to read and play a piece of music with two hands playing something different at the same time.

In the process of getting there your child will learn:

  • How to count a simple rhythm from eighth notes to whole notes.
  • How to read notes at the piano from C below Middle C to C above Middle C.
  • Best practice music reading skills, including not looking at hands when playing written music.
  • How to watch and listen to a simple idea and play it by ear.
  • About legato and staccato playing and dynamics forte and piano.

And that is just for starters. 

If you want to know if you are ready to supervise your child through this course and want some ideas around that first, I invite you to join me in my FREE mini course:

What Does it Take to Teach Your Child the Piano


These 3 FREE video lessons have been put together to give you ideas on teaching your own child. Click on the title to take you there.


Rumble Thickskin Story Books

Introducing two accompanying books to Headstart Piano Course. There are two story books to introduce you to Rumble Thickskin and his band of friends as he grows from babyhood and develops his musical ability. The characters come alive in these books, so you will already be familiar with them as you meet them again in many of the pieces in Headstart Piano. 

A Name for Baby Thickskin

The Thickskins have a new baby elephant. What should they call him? There are many ideas, but only one is perfect. This first in the series introduces the main characters found in the Headstart Piano books. 

Coming Soon: A Name For Baby Thickskin

Rumble Thickskin Learns the Piano

Rumble longs to learn to play piano. Join Rumble and his friends as they help him in this seemingly impossible task. Your child will meet Rumble and his loveable friends throughout the Headstart Piano course. Perhaps, like Rumble, your child can get excited and fulfill a longing to play the piano. 

Coming Soon: Rumble Thickskin learns the Piano

Come join the fun with Headstart Piano Online Course!

Video Coaching Calls

Get a 1 on 1 Video Coaching Call for you or your child

I want to make sure you have everything you need for success. Sometimes people want some live one on one coaching time. I can provide this in addition to the Headstart Piano course, provided I have space on my calendar. Personalized video lessons are also an option, just as I have physical students come to me for lessons. There is an additional charge for extra coaching calls or video lessons. Send me an email if you want to know more. 



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